We are a team that has worked together for over 15 years, helping to bring visibility, efficiency and simplification to manufacturing. We sit looking across generations. We were born into manufacturing, grew up with the smells and sounds of production. We’ve been a part of manufacturing when automation was just starting to take hold. We’ve slogged through the DIY days of manufacturing technology.  We led the charge to adopt standards, to encourage sharing, to accelerate improvement. We’ve been a part of the industrial IoT revolution, helping shape the designs of the biggest & best companies in the industry. We have delivered the best, over and over again. Yet we know so much more that is possible, if we help remove the friction and inefficiency from people’s days.  We have seen so many good efforts, good people, constrained by technology and organization and the sheer complexity of the industrial landscape.

We care deeply about our team, our customers, and the people who work every day in this industry because we are them. This is a personal mission, as it should be.

We are removing the friction.



Imagine having all the answers as quickly as you can think of the questions.


Instant Access

How are we doing against the daily target? Show me my KPIs. Which line is running the best (OEE)? Which machine has produced the most scrap today? Where is the constraint asset in our operation?

Real Time Collaboration

Who ran into this same fault last? Please connect me to them. Which operator runs this machine the best, and please let them know I’d like to talk with them about what they are doing different.


Equipment is erratic, or down altogether.  Bring up real time data with Bennit AR.  Access the troubleshooting guides on your device. Facetime maintenance for virtual assistance.

Intelligent Production

Which line should I run this part on? What have been my top three reasons for downtime this month? Please recommend the best window to do planned maintenance on Press 7 before 3rd shift.  Bennit can create Action Plans assigned to the right people to make sure your plant and your people are efficient.

Early Warning

Problems don’t happen on schedule, and downtime is expensive.  Bennit’s Artificial Intelligence watches your production every minute.  Over time patterns or issue can develop that are not apparent moment to moment.  Bennit will create Situations for you and involve the right people who can solve the problems before they become downtime.

Trusted and Secure

Your discussions, interactions, and connections must be secured and trusted.  Bennit is built on the PTC Thingworx and Microsoft Azure platforms.  Everything is built with security in mind.  You can trust that your data and your interactions are yours alone.

Imagine a brilliant, highly-personalized production assistant, a trusted co-worker inside your own device.



With more than a zillion years of manufacturing and technology experience, and a passion for eliminating friction and frustration from human existence, meet the normal folks behind the genius of Bennit.






Ryan Cahalane

Founder, Strategic Advisor






Mike Yost

Founder, Chief Marketing Officer






Katherine Cahalane

Founder, Chief Executive Officer






Jacques Ludik

Founder, Technical Advisor


The Bennit AI story is one of collaboration and empowering communities of users. Partners make our world go round, and curating an ecosystem of forward thinking, ethical, and solid partners is an active part of the value we bring to our customers. Bennit’s partners are instrumental in bringing Bennit to life, and, in turn, Bennit amplifies our customers’ investments in the products and services these industry-leading companies provide.



Ask us anything! Email us with any question or comment at info@bennit.ai